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About Us

Creative Office Interiors, Inc has been in business since 2001. We are a contract furniture dealership and interior design firm that specializes in specifying, supplying and installing commercial furniture. Whether you're just shopping for a single piece of furniture or looking to redesign an entire building we can help! We will go above and beyond your expectations with our excellent team of educated designers and endless product lines. ​

Mission Statement

We are a full service provider of commercial interiors built on the principle that follow-up attention is of the utmost importance. We look upon our clients as customers we can proudly hold up as an example of the quality of our services and products.​

Our Goal

To provide our clients with the highest level of service from the concept phase to the finished interior.

Why Work With Us

Work with Creative Office Interiors, Inc. on your next project because we can be a single source of accountability offering great products, exceptional services, great relationships as well as our ongoing support services. In addition, our professional staff has a sincere, positive attitude with our clients.​

Our Values

We can provide you with great value-oriented products and services to meet your budget needs.

Did You Know

Many of our clients have worked with the president of the company since 2001. Creative Office Interiors, Inc. is a woman-owned business, fully insured, and certified by the Wayne County Business Certification Program.

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